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  1. Fun Trip - a jump in the Gorges du Loup

    Embark on an aquatic hike in a preserved natural environment : the Gorges du Loup. This activity will delight young and old alike !

  2. Best Canyoning in Lake Bled

    Canyoning is one of the most popular guided activities in the Bled area. You will take a short hike, swim, jump, abseil, and slide down the river bed of a canyon. Join us on an adrenaline rush, step out of your comfort zone in the hands of our experienced guides with the best canyoning in lake Bled.

    €65.00 €75.00
  3. Canyoning & Rafting in Bled

    Canyoning and rafting in Bled. Two trips – one exciting day! Join us on a day full of exploration and excitement as we take you on a canyoning rafting adventure! It is the perfect way to explore the nature surrounding the beautiful town of Bled.

    €95.00 €113.00

    Aboard our  RZR machines , from our base of Dramont, near ST-Raphaël, you will go with our instructor to discover the coast, between Earth and Sea.

  5. Azur Canyoning - Gorges du Loup

    Come and discover the star of whitewater sports: canyoning ! Visit the stunning Gorges du Loup for an exceptional setting interspersed by jumps, toboggans, abseils and some swimming.

    With family, friends or with your partner, venture out with our certified instructor to get started !

    €52.00 €55.00
  6. Aquatic Hike - Gorges du Loup

    Come and try your hand at aquatic hiking in the Gorges du Loup. An experience that consists of descending a clue or canyon without using a rope: swimming, walking, slides and small jumps follow one another. It is an activity accessible to all and of varying duration.

  7. Canyoning Tour at the Sylvenstein Dam - For Advanced Participants

    In this Canyoning Tour, everything is offered: Narrow passages, jumps, slides and abseiling up a distance of 15m - this means thrills and excitement. An experienced tour guide will introduce participants safely through the Sylvenstein Dam.

  8. Paintball - Puget-sur-Argens

    Play paintball in the heart of nature, between Puget and Roquebrune-sur-Argens. Come and explore our 6 fields specially designed for thrilling games.

    €27.00 €30.00
  9. Ruisseau d'Audin - lagoons

    Canyoning down the wonderful Audin stream located in the Mercantour. On the program : natural slides and jumps in emerald basins. A cocktail of freshness and adrenaline to enjoy with family or friends.


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